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Whats hot right now is our new ombre colored wigs, two tones of beautiful vibrant color just in the right shades to bring out the wow factor. Our ombre wigs are dark at the top to have the natural root color and then highlighted to drastically change the effect of the finished color. Resulting  ina beautiful double shaded highlighted wig.

When choosing an ombre wig for yourself you should match the root color of the wig to the natural root color of  your hair.  Put the wig on and wow them all!



Our bob wigs come  in one length so they are pretty much ready to wear, you can cut a bang if you want or just wear as is. Short sleek and perfect for the summer heat. Bobs are a chic way of being sophisticated and stylish all while keeping cool.



Our wavy wigs are so fantastic , they practically style themselves!!! Just wash and let drip dry according to washing instructions and the style naturally falls back into place.  Have the beach wave look all the time!!!


Pony tail wigs

Our pony tail wigs  are made very light weight so you can wear it all day without feeling heavy. There is a special comb sewn into the nape of the neck to prevent the wig from sliding up.




Wear the fall with a bandana, headband or hat ,,, lightweight on the head and soooo comfortable you don’t feel like you’re wearing a  wig . glamorous hair yet so weightless!



We have many different variety streaky wigs.  we combine different color varieties to add some spunk to your look. Feel great and look half your age with one of these really cool looks,,,, should you want to customize the color, Our special colorists can highlight a wig according to your specifications as well. Wear color look great , feel great!




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